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All of the research has been done by myself, my father Ralph Richard McQuade Jr., and many more family members. Evidence to support our findings comes through death certificates, birth certificates, census records, wills, city directories, cemetery records, PA Death Index, and many other resources.

Samuel Butland McQuade (click for more photos)

According to oral history, Barnard/Bernard McQuade entered the United States sometime before 1819, probably through the port of Philadelphia. He was an indentured servant and coachman to the Brooke family. Rachel Brooke, daughter of Owen Brooke, eloped with Barnard and left Pennsylvania for Aurelius, Cayuga County, NY in which her sister and brother-in-law lived. It is unknown whether this was of her father's will or her own. They purchased land there after making their way by Conestoga wagon up the Lackawanna Trail. There Barnard and Rachel had 6 children: Elizabeth,(2) Annie D., John S., James P., and Hannah L. McQuade.

In 1839 Rachel moved back to Philadelphia with her four children, It is unknown what happened to Barnard. Both Elizabeth's passed away at a young age. Rachel lived in the Roxborough and Manayunk areas. The children dispersed from there and had their own families and the tree grew on!

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